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Our Doctors

Our board certified, fellowship trained retina specialists and their expert staff have been providing exceptional retina care to the Tampa Bay Community for 53 years.

Scott Pautler, MD-0

Scott Pautler, MD

Steven Cohen, MD, FACS-1

Steven Cohen, MD, FACS

Karina Billiris Findlay, MD-2

Karina Billiris Findlay, MD

David Eichenbaum, MD-3

David Eichenbaum, MD

A.J. White, MD-4

A.J. White, MD

Ashley M. Crane, MD-5

Ashley M. Crane, MD

Priya Vakharia, MD-6

Priya Vakharia, MD

Quality Care Of Retina

We provide cutting edge therapy for macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, retinal vein occlusion and all other medical retina diseases.  In addition, all or our specialists are vitreoretinal surgeons and have extensive experience in vitrectomy surgery for retinal detachment repair, macular pucker and macular hole surgery, repair of dislocated intraocular lens, and vitrectomy for diabetic retinopathy, floaters, and vitreous hemorrhage.

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Modern Intravitreal Therapy

Our practice offers all available intravitreal therapies for wet macular degeneration, dry macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, retinal vein occlusion, and macular edema.  We also have one of the leading clinical trial units in the United States.  Through our clinical science program, we are able to enroll patients into studies for which an optimal therapy is not yet available.

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    Inexpensive anti-VEGF and nearly clinically equivalent to other therapies.

  • therapy2


    Anti-VEGF developed for the eye with little systemic exposure.

  • therapy3


    Anti-VEGF approved for many retinal disease.

Retina Modern Intravietreal Therapy Eye
  • therapy4


    Approved in 2022 for use in wet AMD and diabetic macular edema, the newest anti-VEGF.
    May allow extended treatment interval.

  • therapy5


    Dexamethasone slow release implant FDA approved for many retinal diseases.

  • therapy6


    The first treatment for dry AMD with geographic atrophy

Patient Testimonials

The following reviews are based on verified patient experiences collected by Ratings. MD. The ratings and comments are submitted by patients after their visit and reflect their own views and opinions.

Priya S. Vakharia, MD

Dr. Vakharia is a consummate professional. She is not only an incredible surgeon, but she takes the time to answer your questions and address your concerns in the most validating way. I would give her a thousand stars if I could. I trust her completely with my eyesight. Also, the entire staff is incredible. Everyone is so friendly, respectful and positive. From the moment you walk into the office, you feel as if you are the only patient. I feel heard when I am there. You are treated as a whole person, and not an eye condition.

Scott Pautler, MD

What a professional practice. The front desk was expecting us and greeted us by name, the care team was gracious and highly professional, kept us informed. Dr. Pautler is eminently trained and had insights and answers directionally that might help us in the long run with some options for a very difficult, blinding disorder. No false hopes, just solid medicine. He listened. He cared. We were there for something completely different and he pierced the beurocracy veil and treated me as his personal patient, not a 3rd party examiner. I’ve decided to go to him from now on. Wow the entire group seems great.

Steven Cohen, MD

Dr. Cohen has changed my life. I no longer dread getting the eye injection for my Wet Macular Degeneration. His method with the sponge much less traumatic. I’ve had no pain, no stinging, no side effects at all. He deserves the Nobel Peace Prize!!!

Karina Billiris Findlay, MD

Seeing Dr. Findlay is totally one of the greatest experiences I have ever had in my lifetime when it comes to any medical treatment. So professional in every way. Great support from the staff. Always make me feel like family. Thanks DR FINDLAY FOR ALL YOU DO.

David Eichenbaum, MD

Each time Dr. Eichenbaum enters the room he smiles and shakes our hands. It’s a warm welcome that immediately relieves the stress of the situation and makes us feel like we are working with someone who truly cares. His explanations of the treatments and their causes prove without a doubt the depth and breadth of his knowledge and capabilities. We are so happy to have Dr. Eichenbaum on our side!

A.J. White, MD

It has been a great pleasure to be under Dr White’s care for 10+ years now. He is very knowledgeable and personable, a great mix for a doctor. He makes sure I understand my eyes completely. Office staff are wonderful as well; treated like a friend not just patient.

Ashley Crane, MD

Very courteous and efficient. Excellent surgeon, who is also kind and compassionate. My retina reattahment surgery was successful and I am currently recovering. Dr. Crane has answered all my questions and explained the process during follow ups. She privided an additional appointment when I was experiencing symptoms that turned out to be unrelated to my eye surgery. Dr. Crane and her staff are awesome. I would definitely recommend them to family members and friends. I wish I could give 10 stars!